To Advance the Story

To advance a story, I wanted to try to start a conversation in the comments section of an article that particularly interested me. I usually read the comments, but hardly ever participate. So when I found the right article, I wanted suggest another angle to the story.

The article is about free nonprofit culinary training to help with the low restaurant staffing crisis (worst labor shortage in three decades). I found the article very interesting especially being in the industry myself and noticing the staffing shortage first hand. While this article is mainly about the Salvation Army’s Kroc Corps Community Center’s free culinary program, I personally wanted to know more about the crisis. I think it would add more to the story; why Boston is in such a crisis that free culinary school is necessary.

I included a link in my comment about the website It shows over 500 restaurant positions that are open in Boston alone. I wanted to explore the crisis angle – why the shortage? Has the number of restaurants increased or has the interest in restaurant jobs decreased?

Here is my comment below.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.46.46 PM.png


Aside from a few likes and dislikes, I did not get any responses. I’ll keep checking, and maybe look into the issue myself.


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